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crankcase breather set Naraku racing silver in color / crankcase ventilation system

SKU NK100.10
by Naraku
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Crankcase breather system by Naraku. A Simple, yet effective design by Naraku suitable for all 139QMB/QMA (GY6 50) Kymco and GY6 125- 180cc 4- stroke engines. The kit replaces the factory fitted oil filler plug/dipstick and laid vertically or above and secured in place with the supplied cable ties beneath the bodywork. Why a crankcase breather? By the downward movement of the piston, pressure builds up in the crankcase to which the power decreases since the work force of the piston is not transmitted exclusively to the crankshaft but additionally counteracts the back pressure in the crankcase. By a sufficiently large surge, the engine is revving and can translate more power to the road. The same effect will be negative during the upward movement of the piston, only this is a negative pressure, which is also offset to the vent. Of course, all engines already have a factory crankcase breather but it is quite small and is not really suitable for modified and more powerful engines.