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crankshaft with 22 tooth oil pump driven sprocket for 139QMB/QMA

SKU BT7001-22
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Original quality aftermarket crank for 50/90cc 4-stroke engines (GY6 50, 139QMB/QMA. The crank is pre-pressed with main bearings and rod. GY6 engines are factory-fitted with 2 different versions of crank. The only difference is the oil pump drive cog on the right-hand side. The old version, installed in almost all vehicles, has a 16 tooth cog. The new version has 22 teeth and is used in e.g.: Rex models. For added assurance, count the number of teeth on your cog and reference the image provided. This crank has 22 teeth and can be fitted that take a 16 tooth variant, if items BT14782 + BT14783 (oil pump and oil pump drive cog) are fitted.