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half pulley Naraku HS-CNC for CPI, Keeway, Generic

SKU NK900.48
by Naraku
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Structurally, the original V-belt pulley with a star-shaped carrier is an inferior component. The star shim is just too thin for the forces acting on the pulley to transfer power without excessive wear. All too often the shim breaks and the result is often a loose pulley with damaging consequences, or a destroyed tail shaft. The NARAKU HS CNC-machined pulley is the answer. The pulley is toothed meaning you can dispense with the original star shim completely. The CNC-machined running surface of the disc means clean, low-vibration belt activity. The edge angle was adapted to allow for a speed increase. The teeth were machined to the tightest of tolerances. The pulley should mount more securely to the crankshaft if the original shim was removed carefully.