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tire Heidenau K77 M+S Snowtex 120/90-10 66M TL

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The K77 Snowtex winter tyre for scooters. This tyre guarantees great handling on cold, wet surfaces. Thanks to the relaxed profile, this tyre provides the outstanding self-cleaning required in slushy and snowy conditions. Thanks to the high-quality materials used in this tyre, it is suitable for winter conditions and allows you to make use of your scooters even in less favourable conditions. The contact area is made from a high-quality silica compound mix, combined with special textile fibres to maximize road holding on cold and wet roads. Heidenau Snowtex scooter tyres are not the cheapest option, however both bike and rider benefit from Heidenau’s years of experience in tyre manufacturing. Since 2000, Heidenau has been offering a line of winter tyres for scooters and mopeds. Guaranteed quality: Made in Germany. This sort of winter tyre has been a legal requirement in Germany since 2010 and are a must for those who use their scooter year round. The M+S stands for “Matsch und Schnee” or “mud and snow”. In our opinion, these are the best winter tyres for scooters and mopeds that we offer. Heidenau tyres perform on the track, as well as on the road.