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variator weights adjustment set Naraku 16x13mm –5.0g-6.0g

SKU NK916.99
by Naraku
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$45.09 - $45.09
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This Naraku tuning kit has many more features than standard tuning kits that have been available until now. Comprises 5 sets of 16x13 weights and not the usual 4. The tuning range is directly in the rev/performance spectrum of a 4-stroke engine, between 5g and 6g. This means that every 4-stroke variator can be finely tuned. Contains: 5g, 5.3g, 5.8g and 6g weights. The weights can be left long term without needing to change them. This saves time and money, and you need only tuned the variator and ride. No need for added shipping costs. This justifies the slightly higher price. Of course, this set can also be used in all 16x13mm 2-stroke variators.