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brake disc NG for Aprilia Sonic 50, Derbi Vamos, Peugeot

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NG Brake discs for motorcycles, scooters, quads and ATVs, as used by over 30 top manufacturers from Europe and Japan as factory-fitted items. All discs are TÃœV Rheinland certified and road legal and come with federal operating approval. OEM-version matches the original item, but some models may vary. If your Peugeot scooter has OEM cone head screws for mounting, please switch to flat head screws M8 for this brake disc. Road approved by German Federal Motor Transport Authority: yes External diameter: 155mm Inside diameter (Mount): 40,6mm Thickness: 4.0mm Holes: 3 Hole diameter: 8.5mm Type: Standard mounting: flat head screw M8 Vehicle fitment for brake disc NG452 APRILIA SONIC 50/ SONIC 50 GP LC - 1997-2000 (front) DERBI VAMOS FL 50 - 1995-2001 (front) PEUGEOT V-Click 50 (front) Zenith 50 LM/LN (front with flat head screw M8) Limbo 50 LM/LS (front with flat head screw M8) FAMEL SCOOTER 50 - 1996 (front) SIAMOTO BINGO 50 - 1999 (front) MAT 50 - 1999-2002 (front) BINGO 125 - 1999 (front)