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brake disc NG for Honda X8R

Original price $80.29 - Original price $80.29
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$80.29 - $80.29
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NG Brake discs for motorcycles, scooters, quads and ATVs, as used by over 30 top manufacturers from Europe and Japan as factory-fitted items. All discs are TÃœV Rheinland certified and road legal and come with federal operating approval. OEM-version matches the original item, but some models may vary. Road approved by German Federal Motor Transport Authority: yes External diameter: 220mm Inside diameter (Mount): 105mm Thickness: 4.0mm Holes: 3 Hole diameter: 10.5mm Type: Standard Vehicle fitment for brake disc NG155 HONDA X8R-S SUPER SPORT (SZX-50) - 1998-2004 (front) X8R-X CROSS SPORT (SZX-50) - 1998-2004 (front)