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brake pads Delta Braking sintered heavy duty DB2380QDD

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Delta Braking brake pads have a history rooted in the world of motocross and offroad. The knowledge and insight gained from this extreme environment, has led to the development of high-quality sintered brake pads that are used in today’s the most powerful classes of motorcycle, scooter and quad. The QDD compound is a special pad composition, perfect for the challenging conditions of offroad riding. Through water, mud and sand, QDD pads power on where standard pads give in. Long-life pads. With this compound of pad, the brake discs wear more wuickly than with the standard QDN pads. The pads are mainly suited to offroad use and thus do not come with approval from the German Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA). Suitable for all types of brake discs. Please check our application list for front or rear fitment. Attention: Kymco Quads require 2 sets of pads for the rear callipers.