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carburetor Dellorto PHVA 17.5mm TS for Minarelli, Peugeot

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Dellorto 17.5 mm carburettor. For scooters with Minarelli or Minarelli-based engines. Recommended even for untuned engines, as the carburettor is easier to tune than the original. Flat spots and idling problems become a thing of the past. An absolute must for 70cc cylinder kits! Only the correct size carburettor can ensure the required cylinder cooling, which avoids expensive damaged to the bore. The carburettor is prepped for the original E-choke. The original air box can also be retained. IMPORTANT: The original E-choke from Keeway, CPI, Generic and Minarelli-based 2-stroke scooters that are Chinese-built are not suitable. Please order the Dellorto choke or the Naraku E-choke NK200.05. Main Jet: 80 (6mm) Idle Jet:38 Needle: A20 Intake Manifold Connection Fitment: 24mm Air Filter Connection Fitment: 35mm Typ: PHVA 17,5 TS