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carburetor Dellorto PHVA 17.5mm US for Kymco, Honda, SYM

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Dellorto 17.5 mm carburettor for original inlet ports (no additional adapters required). This carburettor is factory-equipped with a 90 main jet and is easy to tune. Carburettors with a 17.5 mm opening can be used in sports / medium-race tuned engines. The carburettor is shipped without a choke and a Dellorto butterly choke plate or an electronic choke (E-choke) so must be ordered separately. The distance between the holes on the mounting plate is exactly 42 mm, as with the original, and the air filter opening is 35 mm. This means the carburettor can be used as normal with the original air box. With some scooters it can be that the Bowden cable needs to be adapted, which can be done without specialist tools, or a great deal of effort. This carburettor can also used used as a replacement carburettor for 50 cc scooters and a smaller jet may be required. Main Jet: 90 Idle Jet: 45 Intake Manifold Connection Fitment: 42mm Air Filter Connection Fitment: 35mm Typ: PHVA 17.5 US