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cylinder kit Airsal T6-Racing 69.7cc 47.6mm for Piaggio AC

SKU AS14262
by Airsal
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Airsal 70cc cylinder kit incl. all necessary parts inc. gaskets, piston, rings, head as shown in image. The T6 cylinder has a large 2-piece outlet port with centre bar and revised valve timing which makes these revvier than the “70” Sport and provide more power. Aluminium cylinder with hard chromed liner for improved heat dissipation over cast iron cylinders. T6-Racing is up there with 70cc cylinders and can achieve approx. 12bhp with correct tuning and racing exhaust systems such as: Tecnigas TREK, Next R, Tecno Evolution or Stage6 Pro Replica and Pro. A larger carburetor should also be used. Single ringed piston reducing losses thereby ensuring the last bit of engine power is delivered.