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cylinder kit Airsal T6 Tech-Piston 49.2cc 40mm for Minarelli vertical

SKU AS14257
by Airsal
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$125.39 - $125.39
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Airsal 50cc racing cylinder kit, complete with gasket set, piston, piston rings etc. (cylinder head not included) The T6 Tech-Piston matches the T6-Racing exactly and also features a 3-piece outlet, but the difference lies in the high quality piston. Aluminium construction with hard chrome lining. The “50” T6 Tech-Piston is up there with 70cc sports cylinders, revs higher and can be tuned for around 8bhp. Good exhaust systems for the cylinder include: Tecnigas TREK, Next R, Tecno Evolution or Stage6 Pro Replica and Pro. Not a high end racing cylinder, but good value for money if you don’t fancy a 70cc conversion.