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exhaust Naraku crossover black carbon

SKU NK400.01
by Naraku
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The NARAKU crossover combines Racing design with an internal structure that is tailored to the requirements of 4-stroke engines. Road legal thanks to E-certification . Most 4-stroke exhausts are just borrowed from 2-stroke series and only the brackets have been altered. The result is a visually appealing system, generally with poorer performance than the original. The Crossover’s internal structure takes the GY6 50cc engine to the upper limit of the power range available from an end can replacement alone. This makes it one of the top performing systems for these engines. This system is black-coated with a real carbon silencer. Black Edition. This gives a stealthy look and is great for those who don’t want to look “too” conspicuous. The black coating can be buffed with exhaust paint any time to bring it up like new. Coating does not hold in the manifold area.