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gearbox cover Malossi MHR for Minarelli

SKU M.2515482
by Malossi
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The following description is generated automatically by Google Translation Service. A reinforced gear cover worth it for smaller tuning steps from 70c. The original Minarelli gear cover has the disadvantage that the gear shafts are just plain bearings. This means that the shafts are inserted into a hole and are lubricated by the gear oil. The Malossi MHR gear cover has needle bearings for transmission shafts, and thus greatly reduces the friction losses in the transmission. Moreover, the risk of engine damage due to worn gear housing shaft or blocked transmission is largely excluded. For the use of converters Malossi Malossi overrange has reworked the gear cover from the 2008 version, so this can be installed without problems. For Polini Evolution converter but there remains a need to revise the gear cover something.