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Motul C2+ Road chain lube 400ml

SKU MOT338416
by Motul
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Specially developed for road-based motorcycles and quads, CHAIN LUBE RPAD PLUS is a white, high-viscosity, synthetic spray-on grease for all drive chains. Highly adhesive and contains PTFE’s. Highly pressure resistant, reduces friction between chain links and guarantees strong anti-slip, even under extreme conditions. Use sparingly, water-repellent, optimal dosage, protects against corrosion. Excellent penetration and adhesion, anti-slip, even on hard to reach areas. Suitable for standard, as well as O-ring, X-ring and Z-ring chains. Our tip: We recommend this product for all types of chain drive. Very good value for money among the top products, apply at least after every 2 petrol stops. Note: clean the chain with MOTUL CHAIN CLEAN before use to greatly lengthen the life of your chain.400ml can