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spark plug NGK racing BR9EG

by NGK
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The name says it all: racing spark plugs are for motorsport use and their characteristics make them less suitable for road use. Where these plugs make a difference is when permanently in the upper rev range, as is the case in motorsport. In motorsport, it’s not about durability, it’s about dealing with the high revs, full-throttle flat-out speeds and the arising vibrations that are part of motorsport. These plugs are used by works teams, semi-professional teams, engine tuners, as well as in the karting world. Durability: this is an open-ended question, as it depends on the individual race conditions. Experience has shown that between 1-5 races is about right, depending on the class of racing. The plugs are available in different heating values and must be chosen by an engine builder or tuner to match his engine. Attention: these spark plugs have a long, M14 thread (NGK Type “B”). Most racing cylinders use long M14 threads, but check to ensure the correct sizing. Racing spark plugs with platinum middle electrodes for extremely strong spark, even with lower power sources!