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super trans kit Naraku 788mm for 4-stroke 50cc 139QMB

SKU KIT.A.139QMB.788
by Naraku
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Complete transmission kit of Naraku components, all tuned to another. Since Chinese-built scooters are not kitted with top-end components out of the factory, this is the easiest way to overhaul the transmission without expert help. This negates any restrictors. Top speed and drivability on hills is improved, meaning higher top end and better acceleration! Kit contains: variator, variator sleeves, belt, belt pulley, clutch and clutch bell. Suitable for all 4-stroke scooters with 139QMB engines with a belt length of 788mm. Kit for scooters in untuned condition. Where changes are made to exhaust or cylinder, the variator must also be adapted and, where necessary, a stronger counter pressure spring fitted.